Adoption Details
Gender: Male
Website:K9 Rescue Group
Oscar is a very lovely, energetic young boy, who enjoys company, whether its dogs or people, and would follow you around all day if you let him. He loves going to daycare a couple of times a week, where he’s happy to play and run around all day long in the company of the other dogs. He’s known there as a friendly boy that can get along with just about any other dog.
Because he needs company, he doesn’t do well if left alone for too long. So a home where he either has another dog or dogs to play with, or where someone is home a lot and is able to give him lots of time and training, would be ideal.
Oscar can be a little boisterous in his playing, so he’s best suited to having medium to large dogs as companions, or at least dogs that can ‘hold their own’. And he’s pretty good with cats – curious but not aggressive, but at this stage, if a cat runs or tries to play with him, he finds it hard to resist the impulse to chase, but with time and the right training, cats shouldn’t be a problem.
Oscar enjoys his long walks in the bush or on the beach, and he loves the water, whether he’s splashing into the sea to retrieve his toy, or simply cooling off in his paddling pool in the garden (or gate-crashing the pond!).
He’s learning to play fetch, but he’s not obsessive about it, and often prefers to try and catch leaves blowing in the wind, or birds that are in flight! He needs to be kept busy and challenged mentally, and when focused, he’s a bright boy who learns quickly.
At the moment when out Oscar is best keep on a lead at all times, not just because he’s deaf, but because he is still young, and the hyper-vigilance typical of the border collie is still pretty strong in him – he can react to just about anything, whether it’s birds, bikes, cars, people (or leaves blowing in the wind), but he’s improving daily and is becoming very good at checking-in with his foster carers through eye contact.
Oscar had some pretty intense obsessive behaviours when he first went into foster care, but he has made some huge improvements over the weeks, and will surely continue to do so in the security of a home environment, but he is a ‘work in progress’ and will probably need more management at this stage than most dogs to make sure he doesn’t fall back into old habits.
His foster carers will be very jealous of Oscar’s adoptive family. He’s a lovely-natured dog – affectionate, attentive, and a great young friend, and his ‘forever’ owner will be hugely rewarded if they are able to put in the extra time and effort that a special dog like Oscar requires, to help him grow into that calmer, happier, and more balanced dog he undoubtedly can be.
If you’re interested in meeting Oscar please contact our Kennel Manager Jordan at or during weekdays Monday-Friday on 9581