Charity Assist Incorporated

Charity Assist Incorporated is a not-for-profit organisation incorporated under the South Australian Associations Incorporation Act 1985 [Registered No. SA A41890].

The Charity Assist Incorporated organisation is run entirely by volunteers and its purpose is to oversees the daily running of the website.


The Pet Adoption Finder website is run by a group of pet loving computer geeks that volunteer their time to develop software systems that aim to ease the Internet Technology load for animal rescue organisations.

The birth of the Internet has changed the way we search and shop in all facets of our lives. Gone are the days of picking up the Yellow Pages to find your nearest dog breeder if you are looking for a new puppy. These days we expect to be able to find everything we want categorised neatly into pages displayed on mobile devices that we can carry around in our pockets.

These amazing advances in technology have revolutionised our lives, but at the same time they have created a massive burden on small charity based organisations that struggle not only financially but also struggle to find the people-power to keep up with the ever quickening pace.

Websites, mobile apps and social media are fabulous tools that enhance the ability for animal rescue groups to get their message recognised, and in a perfect world every rescue group would have a full-time developer on hand working 24/7 to keep up with the ever changing Internet technologies.

Sadly though, it's not a perfect world and that is why we have thousands of homeless pets and hundreds of small organisations struggling to re-home them.

Here at Pet Adoption Finder we are doing our little bit to assist with the problem. Our volunteers consist of pet loving computer programmers, web-designers and data entry specialists that have a passion for identifying a problem and then developing programs to solve them.

The Pet Adoption Finder website is just a small part of the services we have developed and offer for free to rescue organisations throughout the country. We are continually developing new programs and our group of volunteers continues to grow.

Sounds like something that you would like to get involved in? Then come and join us by sending us your details from our contact page.


The Pet Adoption Finder Team!!